February 12, 2022 Pastor Al Brice

Old Testament

Exodus 35:1-36:38: God tells Moses to take an offering from the people to build and furnish the tabernacle, just like every local church has to do. Notice what God emphasizes in Exodus 35:5: a willing heart. This is the same identical statement made in 2 Corinthians 9:7. Now read Exodus 35:21; again the emphasis is on the heart and spirit of giving. This is the way God set in place for every ministry to operate. Those who respond to God’s way will always be abundantly blessed (Isaiah 1:19).

Exodus 36:1 shows us that we should never say, “I am not smart enough to do a certain project,” or “I cannot handle a promotion to a more responsible position.” Yes, you can!!! Because God gives you the wisdom and understanding to handle everything He opens up for you (Philippians 2:13 and Philippians 4:13).



Psalm 22:1-8: God invades our lives as we praise Him!!! His presence and power can effect and change circumstances as we praise Him (2 Chronicles 20:20-22).

Psalm 22:6-8 shows us that the enemy will get people to say all kinds of negative statements trying to depress and oppress us. But we combat those statements with the Word of God. It is written!!!!



Proverbs 8:6-11: Great instruction about our words.


New Testament

Matthew 26:26-50: Look at Peter’s response (Matthew 26:33), to what Jesus just said in Matthew 26:31-32. It’s easy to say things in the comfort of a church setting, but when trails and afflictions come what do you say?



Events Cancelled

Fri Mar 13 - Sun Mar 15

The Face to Face Conference has been cancelled until further notice.

Services for Sunday, March 15 are cancelled for the congregation and will be live streamed.  Join us online!

Please, review the statement from Pastor Al & Tava Brice.


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