February 2, 2019 Pastor Al Brice

Old Testament

Exodus 15:1-16:36: It’s great to sing after the miracle but can you praise Him before the miracle?

Exodus 15: Look at the statement of the enemy in Exodus 15:9, but look at God in Exodus 15:10!!!!

They came to Marah which means ‘Bitterness’. They immediately complained when they came to a difficult situation instead of trusting God who just destroyed the enemy. But God turned that which was bitter into sweetness. Don’t be bitter, be better!!! Exodus 15:26 is a scripture that I pray.

These folks complain about every blessing and later on it will be their demise. If you complain you will remain!!!!



Psalm 18:20-27: Right living and obedience are always rewarded by God.



Proverbs 6:12-15


New Testament

Matthew 21:23-46



Offices Closed | Events Cancelled

Thu Sep 5 - Sat Sep 7

Due to potential weather, the church offices will be closed this Thursday, September 5.

The All-Night Prayer on Fri Sep 6 and Saturday Night Prayer are currently cancelled until further notice.

Please stay safe.

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