February 5, 2019 Pastor Al Brice

Old Testament

Exodus 21:1-22:31: Jesus was a bond servant to God. He had free will but submitted Himself to live in total obedience all His earthy life (Philippians 2:5-11).



Psalm 18:46-50: God’s deliverance is always on time!!!



Proverbs 6:26-29: Great advice!


New Testament

Matthew 23:1-22: Jesus does not like self-righteous, judgmental, critical, gossiping, religious folk. Let’s stay humble and remember where we came from and how He saved us!!!!



Offices Closed | Events Cancelled

Thu Sep 5 - Sat Sep 7

Due to potential weather, the church offices will be closed this Thursday, September 5.

The All-Night Prayer on Fri Sep 6 and Saturday Night Prayer are currently cancelled until further notice.

Please stay safe.

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