February 9, 2019 Pastor Al Brice

Old Testament

Exodus 29:1-30:38: Here we have the instructions for the atonement, the covering over of the sins of Israel. This was the only way they could be accepted by God. The wages of sin was death, so something or someone must die. God gave the lambs, rams, and bulls for atonement. They died in the place of the children of Israel. The bull was offered every day for the sin offering of atonement. The problem was that the blood of the animals could not cleanse them from sin or clear their guilty conscience before God. Every day when the smoke of the sacrifice went up, their guilt would grip their hearts.

Jesus was our sin offering for atonement and His blood didn’t cover our sin but cleansed us from all sin. The sacrifice of Jesus has once for all and cleansed our guilty conscience so we could fellowship and worship God without any guilt!!!! (Hebrews 9:9-15)

We see that Aaron burned sweet incense on the altar and it was a sweet aroma unto God. The sweet incense represents the prayers of the saints in the New Testament (Revelation 5:8).



Psalm 20:6-9



Proverbs 7:6-23: Notice that the woman, spoken of here, went to church and paid her offerings and vows but adultery was in her heart. This can actually represent men or women in a sense. In the end it cost the man his life.

Don’t be ruled by your flesh or let anyone tempt you to disobey God. It may seem good at the moment, but eventually you pay a big price!!!


New Testament

Matthew 25:1-30: Read very carefully: all 10 virgins started out right and knew that the Bridegroom was going to return. But five forsook their relationship and were left when the Bridegroom came for them!!!! They allowed themselves to become disqualified. Read 1 Corinthians 9:27 and Titus 1:16.



Offices Closed | Events Cancelled

Thu Sep 5 - Sat Sep 7

Due to potential weather, the church offices will be closed this Thursday, September 5.

The All-Night Prayer on Fri Sep 6 and Saturday Night Prayer are currently cancelled until further notice.

Please stay safe.

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