January 12, 2023 Pastor Al Brice

Old Testament

Genesis 23:1-24:67: Notice the favor that Abraham received from the people of that land to have a place to bury Sarah. God causes favor to abound to those who belong to Him. (Psalm 5:12; Psalm 89:17; Psalm 106:4; Proverbs 11:27) Favor means excessive kindness, preferential treatment, and divine goodwill.

Thank God everyday for giving you supernatural favor in all you do! Confess that favor surrounds you like a shield, and that everywhere you go, you are blessed and highly favored!!!!!

Genesis 24:1: Notice that God had blessed Abraham in “all” things. Remember Psalm 1:1-3, Abraham’s key to his blessings from God; and it is our key as well.

Genesis 24 is also an analogy of how God sent the Holy Spirit to get a bride for His son Jesus, and how He has showered us with His precious promises and blessings. Abraham sent his servant to receive a bride for Isaac.



Psalm 7:1-5



Proverbs 3:7-8: Depart and God will impart.


New Testament

Matthew 9:1-17: Matthew 9:2 declares that Jesus saw their faith; faith can be seen because of James 2:17-18.

Jesus came to seek and save those who were lost (Luke 19:10). We must have the same desire and focus.



Events Cancelled

Fri Mar 13 - Sun Mar 15

The Face to Face Conference has been cancelled until further notice.

Services for Sunday, March 15 are cancelled for the congregation and will be live streamed.  Join us online!

Please, review the statement from Pastor Al & Tava Brice.


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