January 15, 2023 Pastor Al Brice

Old Testament

Genesis 29:1-30:43: Here we find some very interesting truths. Genesis 29:20 tells us that Jacob served Laban for seven years, so he could marry Laban’s daughter, Rachel. It states that the seven years seemed only like a few days. Wow, what a great effect deep love has upon us!!! Jacob had a goal, and that goal was motivated by his deep love for Rachel.

Goals you set, motivated by true love, will be a delight to finish, even though hard at times. The time it takes to finish will seem short.

If you have a true deep love for your spouse, not a surface love that is only based on the physical, when tough times and temptations come, you will work through, and walk away from anything that would try to destroy your marriage. I know some of you reading this have gone through some very heartbreaking times, and even divorce. But remember, the grace and mercies of God for you are abounding, and this is a new season. If you desire, God can still bring a new and godly love into your life. Before that happens, make sure you allow the healing process to take place and complete its work. Our pastoral counseling department can help you, if you so desire.

If we have a deep, true love for God, and His Word, a long church service will seem short, but if our love and desire is for worldly and carnal things, it will seem long and boring. If we can enjoy a two-hour movie, ball game, video game, Facebook, or any other thing that has no eternal value, and we can’t handle a two-hour church service of worship and the Word, then something is wrong with our present faith and desires. The sad thing about that statement is, those who need to see this, are probably not reading this message!!!! Keep the fire burning, stay in love with God, and His Word!!!!!

It is a joy to work and help in ministry because I have a deep love for God and for people. Therefore, I have a great opportunity to serve both by volunteering!!!

God gave His best gift to me; therefore, because of my deep love for Him, it is a joy to give my tithe and offerings!! Where you give and spend your money shows what you value most in life (Matthew 6:19-21).

We must have balance in our lives, if our lives only center around us, then something is wrong. God wants us to prosper, but He wants us to help and be a blessing for the Kingdom. You cannot out-give God!!! We give our tithe to our local church because the purpose of the local church is ministry; for that ministry to maintain and continue, we must respond to God’s ordained plan. He set this whole plan in place so He could and would bless us in this world’s system. Tithing was God’s plan, not man’s idea; it is also an indicator of our love for God, as well as the ministry of the local church.

As we read Genesis 30, we see the results of envy and jealousy, and how when decisions are made when we are emotionally distraught, it can bring misery to our lives and the lives of others. Bitterness will bring us into a position of trying to manipulate things for our own good, which will eventually backfire on us. Prayer is the answer to every situation in our lives, it may not be answered in our timing but God will bring what we desire in His timing. It is easier to believe for our prayers to be answered now, then waiting for the answers that may tarry.



Psalm 8:1-5: It is so awesome how God is using our youth and children to proclaim His praises and Word!!!!



Proverbs 3:13-18: Look at all the blessings of wisdom and understanding. In Hosea 4:6, God said, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” This is why you have made a commitment to the Wednesday Discipleship classes. Look at the blessings of growing in wisdom and understanding! Wow!!!


New Testament

Matthew 10:21-42: Many great statements by Jesus – don’t miss one of them!! This is the price to follow Him 100%. Don’t be ashamed to let people know you are a Christian; just remember…actions sometimes speak louder than words.



Events Cancelled

Fri Mar 13 - Sun Mar 15

The Face to Face Conference has been cancelled until further notice.

Services for Sunday, March 15 are cancelled for the congregation and will be live streamed.  Join us online!

Please, review the statement from Pastor Al & Tava Brice.


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