January 22, 2023 Pastor Al Brice

Old Testament

Genesis 43:1-44:34: God’s ways at times are beyond our natural understanding until He reveals it by His Spirit. Joseph had no idea that he would ever see his family again, but God always has a way when there seems to be no way. Again, Joseph is tested to obey God. He could have taken revenge on his brothers for all they did to him but instead he chose to do it God’s way.

Do you do the same when someone has wronged you or do you take the opportunity to avenge yourself? If you do, then you will eventually lose and your adversary will win. God is very clear in His Word about the actions we are to take. Obey and you will come out on top (Matthew 6:14-15, 18:21-35; Romans 12:19-21).



Psalm 11:1-7:   Psalm 11:3: We must maintain the foundation of the Word of God in our lives or else we will not be able withstand the attacks of our enemies. The same goes for our nation. We must continually intercede for America and our city!!!!!  How do you change a nation and city? Read Acts 19:8-20 to see how a whole city was turned upside down, and multitudes were saved?



Proverbs 4:10-13: Look at the promises and benefits of walking in the way of wisdom and staying on the right path.


New Testament

Matthew 14:22-36: Notice when Jesus sent them to the other side, it was not until they got halfway on their journey that a great attack took place. Starting is important but how we deal with setbacks during the journey will determine whether we finish.

Many times when fear dominates our thoughts and emotions, we don’t even recognize when Jesus shows up to help. But look at Jesus: “Be of good cheer! It is I; do not be afraid!!!!!” The Word always tells us not to fear; the Lord will deliver us.

Peter steps out in faith – a new walk of faith, something he has never done. What did he step out on? The water can’t hold you up. He knew that because he was a fisherman by trade. But faith in the Word can take you where you have never been before and cause you to accomplish that which would be impossible without the Word.

Once he got out of the boat and started walking by faith (2 Corinthians 5:7), then the winds howled and he went from faith to fear and began to sink. He got his eyes off the Word and started concentrating on the circumstances and they started to talk to him: “You’re going to drown. You can’t walk on water. It’s over for you! You made a big mistake trusting the Word!!!!” But Jesus saved him and told him that he needed to grow in his faith. Faith will keep you in your hour of trial, but don’t let the circumstances or fear dictate your results (Mark 11:22-24).



Events Cancelled

Fri Mar 13 - Sun Mar 15

The Face to Face Conference has been cancelled until further notice.

Services for Sunday, March 15 are cancelled for the congregation and will be live streamed.  Join us online!

Please, review the statement from Pastor Al & Tava Brice.


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