June 29, 2022 Pastor Al Brice

Old Testament

1 Chronicles 21:1-22:19: David is tempted to sin. Because of his success, and now his pride, he moves on the thoughts that come in from Satan. Joab gave him good counsel, but when you are prideful you will not listen to any counsel. The problem is that no one who is determined to sin ever considers the consequences and the results of sin. This sin caused 70,000 men to lose their lives!!!!! There is no such thing as private sin!!!



Psalm 78:34-39



Proverbs 20:1-2


New Testament

Acts 9:1-21



Events Cancelled

Fri Mar 13 - Sun Mar 15

The Face to Face Conference has been cancelled until further notice.

Services for Sunday, March 15 are cancelled for the congregation and will be live streamed.  Join us online!

Please, review the statement from Pastor Al & Tava Brice.


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