March 10, 2019 Pastor Al Brice

Old Testament

Numbers 17:1-18:32: The rod of Aaron sprouted and produced fruit. The presence of God, the Holy Spirit, comes into us so we have the power to be a witness and produce fruit for the Kingdom of God.

The tithe and offerings are to support and take care of the budget of the ministry and those who work full time in the church. The people who take care of God’s business will be taken care of by God (1 Corinthians 9:11-14).



Psalm 32:6-11: Read Psalm 32:6 very carefully: “the godly shall pray.” Remember that God has given us everything that pertains to life and godliness. The question is, if I’m godly, do I have and live a godly lifestyle?



Proverbs 11:19-21


New Testament

Mark 11:20-33: Notice in Mark 11:23 how many times it states “whoever says” and “he says.” Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks and if you are speaking out of faith, your words are infused with great power!!!!

Mark 11:24: Between the praying, believing, and receiving is usually a time lapse. The gap between believing and receiving is where you will fight the fight of faith. The devil will try to get you to throw in the towel and give up but your faith in God will carry you through!!! Keep confessing God’s Word over and to your situation with praise and thanksgiving!!!



Offices Closed | Events Cancelled

Thu Sep 5 - Sat Sep 7

Due to potential weather, the church offices will be closed this Thursday, September 5.

The All-Night Prayer on Fri Sep 6 and Saturday Night Prayer are currently cancelled until further notice.

Please stay safe.

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