Preregistration is open until midnight on February 24th and opens again at the door on March 15th!


Why should I register if the conference is FREE?

Registration is required because we want to make sure that we have all the necessary resources in place to facilitate an excellent time of ministry for each guest.

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Who needs to register?

Registration is required for every Beloved Daughter of God from ages 8 -108.


I don’t attend CL. Can I still attend F2F?

Absolutely!!  F2F Twenty-19 is a women’s conference that God has entrusted CL to steward. We look forward to welcoming you and connecting with women from across the USA.

Text invites and social media invitations to those you love is super easy. Simply invite them to be your guest by registering at f2fwc.comEASY PEASY!!

Also, you may use the images below on Social Media to help spread the word!

Face to Face 2019 | En Route Face to Face Women's Conference | March 15-16, 2019



How do I register?

You can register online or on CL campus in Connect Central at one of the kiosk between our regular service times.


Can I still attend if I don’t pre-register?

Yes, at the door if space is available. However, pre-registering expedites your check-in process at F2F Twenty-19 and helps us prepare with excellence.

Pre-registration also assures that you will receive your conference lanyard / name badge upon check-in at the conference. The lanyard permits you to enter.

Pre-registration ENDS February 24, 2019At-the-door registration is available on the days of conference, March 15 & 16.


Is there childcare?

No childcare is available. We would like for all of our childcare providers to have the opportunity to join us for F2F Twenty-19.


Who is the speaker?

  • Lisa Bevere and your choice of ONE excellent Break-Out Topic with Outstanding Teachers


What is the conference schedule?

The F2F Twenty-19 Regional Women’s Conference consist of 3 Sessions:

    • Friday, March 15th: Evening Session ~ 7:00pm
    • Saturday, March 16th: Morning Session ~ 9:00am (Includes Breakout Sessions)
    • Saturday, March 16th: Afternoon Session ~ 1:30pm


What about the Saturday Morning Breakout Sessions? 

This year we will have the opportunity for everyone to select from the following Breakouts that will occur on Saturday morning of the conference:

  1. Come, Sail Away My Love (Girls Ages 8-11)
  2. Make Room for Me (Young Women Ages 12-17)
  3. He Calls Me Daughter (Women Ages 18-24)
  4. Living Your Best life: Past, Present, and Future (Women Ages 40 – 60 and above)
  5. Grab Your life Jacket; You Can’t Drown Here!
  6. Breaking Fear
  7. Enjoy Your Journey: Find the Treasure Hidden in Every Day
  8. What to Expect – When You’re Expecting
  9. Let Me Check My Bag
  10. Find Your Fire
  11. Almond Branch Alliance: God’s Multi-Generational Masterplan
  12. God’s Grace Response
Learn more about the Breakout Sessions!


Am I required to attend a Breakout Session that corresponds with my age? 

We will strictly adhere to the age-specific designations for the Come, Sail Way My Love (Girls Ages 8-11) and Make Room for Me (Young Women Ages 12-17).  Naturally, the content of the other two classes with age designations are customized to address the specific seasons listed; HOWEVER, women 18 and over are welcomed to choose any of the remaining 10 classes regardless of their age.


What about lunch on Saturday?

You may pre-purchase an $8.50 Lunch Box form Jason’s Deli when you register online or on CL campus in Connect Central. If you have already registered, you may purchase the Lunch Box as an add-on.

The Lunch Box can be enjoyed on the Saturday of conference between sessions. Should you elect not to purchase the Jason’s Deli box lunch, we recommend that you bring a lunch.

One hour is allotted for the break, so it will be challenging to leave campus, purchase food, eat, and return within that time frame. You may bring your own lunch if you have food allergies or if it’s your preference. We only ask that you bring items that can be safely eaten inside the sanctuary if that is where you choose to sit.


Do I have to come to every session?

No, but we are praying that everyone will be able to attend the full conference so you will enjoy all that God has for you. We are praying for favor with work schedules, child care, and any other situation that would affect your ability to fully engage.  Think of Face to Face as an away conference with the conveniences of home.


Will Face to Face 2019 CD & DVD albums be available for purchase?

Conference CD and DVD album prices are currently reduced and can be pre-ordered now on CL campus in Connect Central or when you register online. If you have already pre-registered, you may pre-order a CD or DVD set as an add-on.

All CD and DVD sets will be shipped following the conference whether they are pre-ordered or ordered at the conference.  The pre-conference special is CDs/$15 and the DVDs/$18.  Individual Lisa Bevere sessions will not be available for sale. You may record your Breakout but we are unable to capture all 12 Breakouts therefore they will not be included in purchased F2F19 Albums.


Will offerings be taken? What are the offerings for?

Yes, F2F Twenty-19 registration is Free…, but it’s not without considerable cost. We will extend the opportunity for every Beloved Daughter of God to give an offering towards our F2F Twenty-19 mission project, which we consider the dual purpose of assembling for Face to Face.

We enjoy God’s personal outpouring  into our lives, YET we believe F2F is our opportunity to unite as His Daughters and provide His intervention through us to ministries reaching “the least of these.” This year’s mission project is Royal Homes of Falcon Children’s Home.  Offerings will also be applied to the significant operating cost of the conference.


Should I register if I want to come but don’t know if I will be able to?

Please DO NOT register until you are sure you are attending. If you register and do not attend we have to throw your conference items away resulting in poor stewardship of finances. We hope to continue offering the Face to Face Conference for free. Your kind courtesy in this matter will help tremendously!  Thanks so much!!


How can I volunteer?

You’ll be able to register as a “Conference Attendee and Volunteer” when you register online or on CL campus at Connect Central.

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Thursday, October 11, 2018

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