Who we are

Covenant Love Church (CL) in Fayetteville, NC.  Our Privacy Policy extends to the following online resources:

Website address: mycl.church.

Live stream pages: CL: live.mycl.church; Destiny Generation: dglive.mycl.church

Covenant Love App, maintained by Subsplash.com (available on multiple devices including iOS, Android, Amazon Fire, Windows Phone, and Apple TV): subsplash.com/covenantlove/app

Online Giving portal (Access ACS): https://secure.accessacs.com/access/oglogin.aspx?sn=92357

Access to Giving Records (Access ACS personal account): https://secure.accessacs.com/access/memberlogin.aspx?sn=92357

Planning Center Online (online groups, service planning, volunteer communication, event and class registration)


What personal data we collect and why we collect it


Cookies are a means commonly used by websites to store or retrieve site information on a site visitor’s personal computer or device. These are mostly containers of non-personally identifying information used for site resources, collection of analytics, and site metrics.  Cookies may contain potentially personally identifying information such as location and IP addresses; these are not used to identify visitors and this information is not publicly disclosed.

Our church website does not provide the means for visitors to create accounts or leave comments, so cookies from our website should not contain any personally identifying information provided by the user or otherwise.

Contact forms

CL uses the services of WuFoo.com for online forms.  Their Privacy Policy may be viewed here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/mp/legal/privacy-policy/

These forms may be embedded on the church website, in the church app, the live stream page, or links directly to the form may be provided.

Information collected in these forms is for private use for communication only between Covenant Love and the individual sender for ministry purposes.

Information collected in the forms may be kept in our private records only for interoffice communication and communication with the individual sender.

Covenant Love will not share, release, sell, or otherwise give collected personal information outside of our offices except as required by Law Enforcement.


Live Stream

Our live stream services is broadcast worldwide through ChurchStreaming.tv.  Their Privacy Policy may be reviewed here: http://churchstreaming.tv/privacy-policy/

Information collected from ChurchStreaming.tv includes IP addresses and location, but otherwise no personally identifying information.  The data collected are used for analytics purposes only and are not used to personally identify site visitors.

The live stream pages at live.mycl.church and dglive.mycl.church are maintained by Church Online Platform.  Their privacy policy may be reviewed here: https://churchonlineplatform.com/privacy

Services provided by the Church Online Platform on the live stream pages include public chat, private prayer chat, sermon notes, and online bible.

Visitors may participate in the public chat at their own discretion by providing a temporary nickname or by creating a personal login including name, password, and email address.  A temporary nickname does not provide Covenant Love with any permanent information.  User accounts and personal information provided are maintained privately solely for chat purposes and potential communication between Covenant Love and the individual.  The user may opt out of such communication at any time.

Users are expected to maintain a code of conduct in the online chat, which includes respecting other users, refraining from vulgar or hateful comments, and the like.  Those who maintain the live stream chats may block users or disable logins at their discretion.


The Church App

The CL Church App is maintained by Subsplash.com.  Their Privacy Policy may be reviewed here: https://www.subsplash.com/legal/privacy

Installing or using the Church App does not collect any personal information nor communicate any personal information to Covenant Love.

Analytics from the App include the number of downloads, an estimate of the types and number of devices using the App, impressions of use, and media played.  This information is used privately by Subsplash and Covenant Love only for review purposes and is not publicly disclosed.

Reviews for the App left on any App website (Apple App Store, Google Play, etc.) which may personally identify the user are at the user’s personal discretion as that information is displayed publicly.

The Subsplash Church App does provide the means for the user to create an account on the App for personal devotional or note taking.  These features are not maintained nor used by Covenant Love.  Using these features are at the user’s own discretion.  Please refer to Subsplash’s Privacy Policy above.


Online Giving

Online Giving to Covenant Love is provided through Access ACS.  Their privacy policy may be reviewed here: https://legal.acst.com/privacy-policy.

Information collected by site visitors include names, family, email, phone and contact information, street address, birth and anniversary dates, and payment information at the discretion of the user.  Users may create a personal account with Access ACS as an aid to facilitate online giving, review giving history, store and change payment options, and set up recurring payments.  Users can login to their personal account at any time to review information, make donations, and request changes to their information and contact options.

Users’ personal information is stored on ACS Technologies servers and Covenant Love Church’s personal records and are not shared publicly with any outside services except as required by Law Enforcement.


Planning Center Online

Planning Center Online (PCO) is used for registration of events, Discipleship Classes, volunteer check-in, and communication.  Their Privacy Policy may be reviewed here: https://planning.center/privacy/.

Information collected includes the user’s name, address, phone numbers and email addresses, church activities, and birth and anniversary dates.  This information is used by Covenant Love for scheduling, records, and communication purposes only.  Contact information may be visible to other PCO users who are logged into Covenant Love’s PCO service, but are otherwise not communicated publicly or shared with anyone except as required by Law Enforcement.



Covenant Love uses Google Analytics and Bing Webmaster services to monitor site traffic to mycl.church and our other web resources.  Analytics collect information such as visitor locations and pages visited, but do not collect any personally identifying information.


Please contact us with any questions.

Events Cancelled

Fri Mar 13 - Sun Mar 15

The Face to Face Conference has been cancelled until further notice.

Services for Sunday, March 15 are cancelled for the congregation and will be live streamed.  Join us online!

Please, review the statement from Pastor Al & Tava Brice.